Can Anyone Learn to Sing Even Without Taking Lessons?

Author: Aaron Anastasi
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Aaron Anastasi is also the author of Superior Singing Method
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Do you need to take singing lessons to hone your vocals or can anyone learn to sing?

To put it simply, the answer to that question is yes – nearly anyone can learn to sing if they have the correct understanding, lessons and guidance. You could even learn without a single coaching session, strange as that may seem. The secret lies in knowing some of the most essential facts and getting into the right habits. 

This article will help you find out… 

  • How everyone can develop ‘singing muscles’
  • Why earlier attempts at singing might not have worked
  • Why select understanding of singing is just as crucial as voice exercises


Believe it or not, it is muscle and cartilage that forms your voice. The reason that this is good is that these muscles can be worked to help you sing. Voice exercises are designed to improve the tone, pitch and strength of your voice.

Going back quickly to the question of whether anyone can learn to sing, the same question could be asked about anyone getting fitter or shapelier in leg muscles. You don’t really require a personal trainer to work those muscles – you simply need to understand how the body works, and you need to do the exercises properly.

Your voice is much the same – you don’t need a voice coach really, you simply need to understand the basic knowledge behind singing, and then put that knowledge into practice.

Obstacles To Overcome When Learning To Sing

You may believe that some people are just born with the ability to sing, and that you and other unlucky people got stuck with a poor voice. A number of people think this way, and get discouraged from ever learning.

Of course, some people have natural talent and others may not, but in reality this ‘fact’ is not true at all. Even the best singer still has to work at developing a great voice – with just a small amount of talent it is also possible to improve your ability. This can happen in far less time than you thought too.

It’s possible that you have already put a few voice warm ups to the test once or twice. You may have even had a couple lessons, only to not notice much difference. As you didn’t get the results you wanted, you lost your nerve.

This could have happened for various reasons. There are many types of coaches and just as many exercises. You could have tried ones that were not suited to what you were trying to achieve – some help to warm up your chords, others build strength and some improve pitch. Your best bet is to try correct exercises and then start doing advanced exercises to build up your skills slowly but surely.

It is important to note that time is also something to take into account. In our instant gratification culture, everyone wants results right away. If you really want to start learning to sing, make sure that you are fully committed to your goal. Don’t let obstacles stand in your way – with enough time and effort, your hard work will begin to show progress. Don’t expect to wow talent show judges on the very first day though!

It is also important to be consistent. Keep doing your exercise every day so that you get into the habit. Doing correct exercises for a few minutes each day works much better than doing the wrong exercises for hours now and then. Daily exercises give the best results.

Anyone Can Learn To Sing With These Tips

What about knowledge? Working on your vocal skills is important, but knowing the right things about your voice is equally important. This changes your approach to singing, by showing you how to do things the right way.

Try these simple tricks for example…

By resting your tongue lightly against your bottom row of teeth, keeping it flat, your tone will improve. You may have to raise it slightly for certain syllables, however it can go down again easily. Once you know this, you can use it when singing.

Another example is your posture. You can get up to fifty percent additional air into the lungs with the correct posture. In turn, this improves your tone, pitch and power.

These two facts alone assist you in improving your abilities – there are many others out there too.

So can anyone learn how to sing? Absolutely!


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Superior Singing Method
Aaron Anastasi is also the author of Superior Singing Method
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