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Author: Aaron Anastasi
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Aaron Anastasi is also the author of Superior Singing Method
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Online singing lessons are a good plan if you wish to learn to sing, but would rather not have the stress of taking lessons through a costly vocal coach and then still trying to synchronize schedules to make time for coaching.

This introduction teaches you:

  • Why singing lessons online are worth taking
  • What to look forward to from typical lessons
  • A few vocal tips that will help improve your pitch right from the start


Luckily, unlike the old days of needing to join a choir or take lessons from the old lady down the road who loved teaching that ear-bursting vibrato, it is now entirely possible to learn to sing online.

Top Reasons to Take Online Singing Lessons

One of the biggest reasons to take singing classes on the web is that for the cost of one or two lessons from a local coach, you could get an entire singing course comprising not just of written content, but videos too. That makes it very cost-effective, as regular lesson costs can’t even touch the costs of online lessons. Gas would be saved too, as you wouldn’t need to drive to a coach for lessons all the time.

Another reason to consider online coaching is the convenience it provides. Instead of having to fit around a coach’s schedule, your online coach works according to yours. You can watch the videos whenever you like, press pause, rewind or watch videos over and over again if you need to. At any point you want a lesson, simply get online and start watching – even if you can’t get to sleep at night!

You may have considered getting a book on singing lessons at some point. It is definitely simpler than finding and affording a vocal coach for ongoing lessons. But, while a book would most likely offer an equal amount of quality content as an online course and cost much the same as a full course, you wouldn’t get access to videos in a book. 

What To Look Forward To From Singing Lessons Online

The reality is that approximately fifty percent of singing is based on knowledge, with the other fifty based on the application of that knowledge. You can look forward to getting an ebook outlining the information you need to start singing or begin improving your singing. Not all things about singing can realistically be practiced – many things boil down to having the knowledge, and understanding how to apply it.

Typical lessons might include tips to help you find out what kind of vocalist you may be, along with your vocal range – you would find out if you are tenor, baritone, alto or soprano for instance. Lessons would also provide tips on posture – how it affects your singing, and how upper body tension can prevent you from hitting those top notes. 

As singing depends largely on airflow, lessons usually provide compressive advice on proper breath and breathing techniques. You will also learn about differing vocal registers such as chest voice, falsetto and head voice. You may discover that there are answers to questions you didn’t even think to start asking – perhaps on blended voices, or mixed voices or the difference between these two.  

A good course will also include voice exercises into the lessons. These provide a solid foundation for vocal dexterity, strength and pitch variety.

Learn to Sing With These Two Vocal Tips

As mentioned above, posture is essential for singing. Without the right amount of air gained from a proper full breath, you will battle to project your voice and hold the right pitch. Posture helps to relieve tension and give you this full breath. When you are slouching, your lungs cannot inflate properly, which impacts on your breathing and stops you singing at top volume.

Your spinal alignment is what determines your posture. One way to get the straight line needed for optimal singing is to pretend there is a string fixed to the middle of your head, which is being used to pull you up straight.

The next tip to get correct posture is to stand with your back against a wall and heels and back of head both aligned with the wall. Arms should be down by your sides and shoulders relaxed. If you step forwards from the wall, you will feel the difference in your posture. It may feel strange initially – your singing will improve hugely in this posture however.

When you inhale using a full breath, nothing can stop your lungs from expanding. As you exhale, make an aaah sound – feel how much power your lungs have as the deep breath is released.

I hope that this article inspired you learn to sing better, and thanks for reading!


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Aaron Anastasi is also the author of Superior Singing Method
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