Useful Tips On How To Become A Better Singer

Author: Aaron Anastasi
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Aaron Anastasi is also the author of Superior Singing Method
Superior Singing Method
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You probably sing as you shower and when you are driving with the car radio on, which means you most likely can sing just a bit, correct?  How can you get from that point to finding out how to become a better singer however?

Luckily, if you are certain that you wish to be better at singing, you can learn a few solid tips to try today that should get you started in the right direction.

How To Become A Better Singer

This guide allows you to learn:

  • The ways that your posture influences your singing ability
  • Correct breath techniques that improve voice control and power
  • An unheard-of voice exercise that is sure to be a huge help to your singing 


Achieving Proper Posture

Tension plays a big part of the amount of air you can breathe in, as well as how much your voice and throat strain. While you might not have thought much about it, tension that sits in your shoulders, neck and back impact on your ability to sing. Simply put, you will sing much better with relaxed muscles.

In addition to massaging tense muscles and doing stretches, a good move to release this tension includes being aware of your usual posture. Yes, just as your mother always says – posture is important.  

Your potential air capacity held by your lungs is reduced majorly when you hunch forward or even when you sit down. This is also the case with shoulders – forward or hunched shoulders will put pressure onto your neck. This has an impact on the throat and as a result the voice too.

It is easy to explain and to attain correct posture. Being aware of your posture however is trickier. You can try these exercises to help give you the correct posture…

With your heels, shoulders and back of head aligned against a wall, stand with your back straight against the wall. Hold for half a minute and them move forward in the same position and feel how your body feels in proper posture. Your arms should be down at your sides and your shoulders should be down. In this posture, breath in deeply and see how much more capacity your lung has when your posture is right.

You will start to gain awareness of correct or wrong posture if you do this daily for a few weeks. Make it a habit, and you will soon notice an improvement in your singing.

Correct Breathing for Singing

Naturally, you are aware of basic breathing – you may think you don’t need any more advice on breathing. Breathing to sing however is different to regular breathing. Most people develop bad habits with breathing, which makes it much harder to realize singing potential.

Babies are a good example of proper breathing, as they are able to reach the optimal level of air to sustain top notes. This is why, despite their small lungs, babies can project their voices to scream or cry at high pitches.

Try taking a full breath, feeling how your chest will rise as you breathe in and fall as you breathe out. You may find that your shoulders rise slightly. This is typical in breathing that formed over time.

When a baby breathes however, its chest stays still when breathing in – its tummy expands instead. This way of breathing is the correct method – allowing you to get the biggest breath of air to sing powerfully.

The term singing straight from your diaphragm relates to this type of breathing. You may find that the following exercise will enable you to learn how to sing with the help of proper breathing. 

A Powerful Vocal Exercise

Sing from your chest rather than your throat, and get into the right habit with this exercise. It will also help you to:

  • Sing with increased strength and pitch
  • Significantly limit voice tiredness
  • Get the right breathing to improve your singing voice
  • Catch your breath easily in between song parts


In a way, it is a bit like the panting dogs do. Take a small breath and then push it out quickly just like a dog would do as it pants. Ensure that your throat is open and that you are breathing from your chest (put your hand on your tummy to feel it move up and down). Breathe deeply in between, and pant for around fifteen seconds (stop and breathe normally if you feel dizzy!).

If done a few minutes each day, this exercise can help you learn how to become a better singer by breathing from your chest for clear, powerful vocals.

Thank you for reading and I hope you got some useful advice in this guide. 


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Superior Singing Method
Aaron Anastasi is also the author of Superior Singing Method
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