The Importance of Clear Communication When Singing

Author: Brett Manning
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Brett Manning is also the author of Singing Success
Singing Success
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Be Heard, Send the True Meaning of Your Songs
The most influential singers are skilled technicians with finely tuned instruments who are also wonderful storytellers and appealing communicators. They seem to sing by acting as a character of a song.

Sometimes your whole set list will be the voice of the same character sharing different views on a relevant theme or experience. Other times, the songs may be the voices of different characters in unrelated stories. This does not mean that the voice exactly alters. This could mean that the time, place, and viewpoint are different for each song. These differences could be very faint or very striking.
Define the Details
As you sing, you may wonder how to tell the story behind the song. You may also get curious on what exact voice and sense of character should you associate the song with. By doing so, you could feel as if you are part of a musical theatre. To make this possible, you have to analyze and define the details of the story in the song.
Questions to Ask Yourself
When you sing a new song you should ask yourself a few questions. Some of these include: Who is singing the song? Where was he/she when he sang it? What is the age or social status of the character in the song? What are their relationships like in terms of love, family and friends? What could have led him/her to sing the song? What sentiments, feelings, and details were expressed?

Furthermore, you may ask, who is the song intended for? What is the relationship between them like? What changes in views or emotions took place during the song? How has the song influenced the life of the character who sang it? What could be their next step? How do they feel by the end of the song? How is this different from how they felt before the song?
Personalise As You Please
Any question that you can think of would probably help you in knowing the true story behind the song. The goal is to have a precise reason for telling the story and charming the audience with the song. If the details are clear for you, the more effective you can sing and interpret the message of the song. You can very well relay this message to your audience as you sing the song with the proper emotion.
Practice + Training the Details
The details of the story that you tell with each song is very essential. As singer, you have to capture the right emotion of the song. You can base the efficiency of your performance with the amount of impact you had on the audience. If you are able to communicate well with them with heart and mind, then perhaps you can say that you truly caught the exact details of the song.
Resonate - To Be Great
When you ask your questions about each song, analyze every detail, information, and other factors that greatly influence you and also those that would most probably have a huge impact to the audience. This way you can establish a connection with your listeners. Try to see what part had them express certain emotions. As you deliver the song, make it seem as if you are singing it directly to them. Practice as if you are in front of each one, telling them and giving them every detail of how you are feeling. By doing so, you will be familiar with the song and several ideas will arise.

Personal connections to each song also helps. You can become the character in the song as you perform. And, this will be visible to your audience. The more connected the details are to you, the more moving your performance will be. Being associated with the details of the song, and you will understand the character better. You can even create personal responses to each song by carrying it through to what you foresee will happen after. In a way, you will be giving the audience an idea on where the song is heading. Through this, you can give life to the song like never before.

Try studying soundtracks from musical theatre pieces and their film versions. This will help you in telling the story of each song.

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Singing Success
Brett Manning is also the author of Singing Success

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