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Author: Emily Mander
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Keeping your Voice and Body Right

Perhaps there have been instances wherein you felt your voice is not at its best. Before you perform, you have to make sure that your voice and body is in good working condition. Several factors affect our voice quality. Among these are exercise, food, drink and the seasons. All of these factors play an essential part in our voice quality. Analyzing these factors one by one will help you understand how your body and voice react to a change in pressure, situations, seasons and even food and drink. By being aware of these certain points, you will be able to avoid negative circumstances from happening on your performance.

Let us first look into the effects that various factors may have on your singing career.

There are times when that we neglect proper precautions for our voice and body. For singers, it is necessary to keep voice healthy; hence, you must take good care of your body. It would mean that you have to maintain a healthy weight by keeping a balanced diet. You are also recommended to drink plenty of water and to avoid alcohol and cigarettes. Intake of such will greatly affect your vocal cords.

Factors that Affect Voice Quality:

In order to sing and perform really well, you have to keep your respiratory and cardiovascular system strong. To make this possible, voice teachers usually recommend abdominal exercises. This will strengthen your core muscles. Cardio exercises are also necessary. They help improve your lung capacity. You may also engage in Yoga classes to improve your posture and focus on your breath.


There are certain foods that you should avoid. This includes citrus fruits, dairy products, chocolate, fatty foods, and anything that is difficult to digest.
Eating this type of food will interfere with the vibration process by secreting extra mucous into your vocal cords.  As a result, you may find yourself clearing your throat often due to excessive phlegm in the back of your throat. Clearing your throat, coughing and sneezing are harmful to your vocal cords. Before singing you should not eat.


Keep your body hydrated. It is the most important thing you can do for your vocal cords. Water intake enables your body to produce the lubrication that allows your vocal cords to function properly. Without water, your vocal cords may swell, redden, and even form nodes due to friction.
You are advised to maintain the recommended 8-glass per day if you wish to sing properly. You can even double the amount according to some professional throat doctors.

The intake of beverages like milk, soda pop, juice, and alcohol intake must be reduced. They contain additives that may encourage dehydration. If your voice is sore, do not take hot or too cold drinks. Instead, drink cold or lukewarm drinks since it helps to minimize swelling.


Saunas and steam baths may be relaxing. However, it is not advisable for singers. Going to such places will cause you to sweat which leads having your body and vocal cords to dry out. You can instead sit in front of a cool humidifier which allows water droplets to come directly in contact with the vocal cords and moisten the tissues.

Medicinal Remedies

Most voice teachers do not recommend medications in treating voice problems. These products will only make your throat feel better by soothing irritated membranes in the throat but they do not have any effect on the vocal cords themselves; hence, intake of such medicines will not help you sing better.

Times of the Year

Whether the weather is hot or cold, you still have to keep your singing apparatus well protected. This is one reason why most singers can be seen wearing scarves around their throats often. Also note that menstruation or pregnancy causes your voice to be unresponsive.
To keep your good voice quality, have a change in your lifestyle. Stop smoking, drink plenty of water and minimize dairy product consumption I would say are the three changes that are most important. Though these may seem like huge steps, you can start as small as you like.

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