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How Do I Submit A Review (And Get Paid)?

We welcome reviews of the products featured on this site. In order to submit a review you must have purchased a product from a ClickBank merchant after leaving this site through one of our ClickBank merchant links.

Going through one of these links will allow us to track your purchase and offer you an invitation to submit your review as a verified owner of the item--and be paid for the review if it is accepted. When you receive your invitation to review, you will be automatically registered as a member, after choosing a username and password.

Once you are a member you'll be able to click on the Submit a Review link found on item detail pages and write reviews (though you will only be paid for reviews of items for which we have verified that you are an owner--because you have purchased the item through one of our merchant links). Review submissions are moderated, so please use common sense when editing your review. It goes without saying, but just to be clear on submission guidelines we'll state some obvious points:

  1. Please do not submit reviews on any item that you have not purchased, or with which you are not at least highly familiar.

  2. Be accurate in your assessment of the product you are reviewing. If you do write an inaccurate review, do not be surprised if the merchant responsible for the item objects and responds to your criticism. We provide a means of response to ensure fairness to both parties.

  3. If you are the merchant for a given product, or are an employee of the merchant, do not review your own offering! Instead, use the Quality Seal mechanism mentioned elsewhere on this site to send your customers this way. Let them submit reviews on your product.

Remember, the purpose of your review is to inform others about the strengths and weaknesses of a particular product. So try to keep your remarks to the point, and do qualify your assertions. If you want to say "This product sucks!" then say exactly why you think so. Others will vote on whether they found your review helpful or not, and those reviews that are judged most helpful will certainly be the ones more frequently read in the long run.

We reserve the right to reject any review submission that we consider to be of poor quality, or unsuitable for our site, for whatever reason. We do not like to edit reviews, but will if we deem it to be necessary, and we reserve the right to do so. Also, due to space limitations, it may become necessary to remove reviews as they become outdated. For this reason, reviews older than a year may become eligible for removal. Reviews that are voted down as not helpful will be among the first to be deleted whenever we decide to prune old reviews to make space for new ones. Please do not post a review if any of these conditions on your submission bother you.

How Does One Interpret The Review Prices?

An estimate is provided for the price we are prepared to pay for a review that has been deemed acceptable for publishing. This is NO guarantee to the actual price that will be paid for a given review, but it offers a good guideline.

Reviews that are accepted are purchased approximately 60 days from the date that the reviewed item was purchased. Only items that have not subsequently seen a refund are purchased. Reviews must also be your own. That is, they must be unique, and not found elsewhere on the web.

How Do I Find The Best Products?

The products on our site are listed in categories. The order of the listed products can be altered by using the sorting menus found in each category. There are a number of options to choose from. One of these options is to sort products by the best overall average rating. Provided a product has received about a dozen or more reviews, this overall rating will give you a very good idea of the quality of the product.

How Do You Verify The Identity Of Reviewers?

All of our reviewers are required to have purchased at least one item (by going through any of the merchant links found on this site) before they can begin posting reviews. This is done to ensure that we can authenticate the identity of a reviewer by capturing their real name when they use their credit card to purchase from a merchant (all reviews on Review Giant carry the real name of the reviewer).

I Am A Merchant. How Can I Object To A Review?

Reviewers will not always praise the products they review. That is the whole point of the review system. But if you are a merchant of a product that you think has been cast in a completely misleading light you can respond. Every review contains a link that allows a merchant to respond to that review. Review Giant does not encourage merchant responses--we think you need to have a thick skin and accept some criticism--but you do have the right to respond if you so choose.

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