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Share Your Review Intelligence is looking for people with a high review IQ. That is, if you enjoy writing reviews that help other people determine whether or not they may have found the product they are looking for, then step right up and stake your claim to fame. Plenty of others would love to learn what you think about the products you have purchased through ClickBank and other independent digital information products. And we will pay you for your thoughts.

If you are not familiar with the ClickBank marketplace, you may nonetheless discover that you have already purchased one or more products from its virtual shelves. If you should decide to purchase future ClickBank items, please use the links found on this site to reach the merchant page and in return we will PAY YOU when you submit an approved review of your purchased item.

Why do we pay for reviews?

Good question. People are often too busy to think about reviewing the items they have purchased. Offering a financial incentive helps tip the balance, and persuades them to share information that is badly needed by others looking to purchase the same, or a similar, item. By allowing only verified purchasers to review the items found on this site, we also ensure the integrity of the reviews. This is worth paying for, as the end result is a rock-solid trustworthy set of opinions.

You can find the entire marketplace represented on this site, complete with reviews from people like yourself who think it a good idea to educate others on the pluses and minuses of these digital products--and get paid for doing so! itself is very new, so you will not find many reviews here yet. That is why we need your help!

When you contribute a review, you help others gain a clearer picture of the product you have described. But your contribution goes much further than this, because along with your review you will submit 5 numerical ratings which help us determine a consumer-based metric on these 5 attributes: ease of use, effectiveness, quality of content overall, and value for money. From these rating scores we are then able to issue a Verified Buyer Seal for product reviews from product owners, which is shown below:
These seals can only be obtained from real product owners with real names that have purchased through, andwhere we can match their personal and billing details through the site that they are a verified buyer.

As a reviewer on our site, you play a very important role in these determinations. On it is the reviewers who are the hotshots, not the merchants.

Stake Your Claim To Fame

To ensure that you get the recognition you deserve as a reviewer, every review displayed on the site can be voted on as helpful or not helpful by readers. Reviewers are then ranked by the net total helpful votes they have received--that is, the number of helpful votes minus the number of not helpful ones. The more you review, the higher the quality of your review, the greater the chance that you will be crowned as the top reviewer on the site.


The ClickBank marketplace is a swirl of the good, the bad, and the ugly in digital products. It needs to be sifted and sorted so that the quality products can be found quickly, and with accuracy. Your reviews and ratings will bring about this desired end result just as surely as shaking a can of assorted nuts will bring the large ones to the top. All you have to do is shake up the marketplace with your reviews.

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