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VERIFIED BUYER REVIEW SEAL & WHAT’S SO GREAT ABOUT REVIEWGIANT.COM REVIEWS? Is a ClickBank & Other Independent Information Product Review Website is the ONLY review website that allows customers of ClickBank products and other independent digital information products to write reviews on a selection of the top three products within an industry, plus have an expert within a specific industry conduct a review on the top three products. No other site that offers reviews from both industry experts and product buyers of ClickBank products and independent digital products comes close. If you have come to to learn about the quality of a ClickBank merchant's offerings and other independent digital information products, you have come to the right place. Has The Most Reliable Customer Reviews takes the integrity of its reviews seriously. We know that every time you visit the website of a ClickBank merchant or another independent product owner you see sales copy that proclaims the merchant's offerings to be the "best on the web". The reality is that not every product can be the best. The only reliable way to determine the quality of products is to poll customers and get their unbiased opinion. And that is exactly what we do. No Review Giant reviewer can submit a review on our site if they are not also prepared to put their real name on their review (we verify their legal name with a credit card transaction). Because we insist on real reviewer identities, this dramatically cuts down on the likelihood that a merchant, or one of their associates, will be able to successfully submit a bogus review to skew the ratings.

Any person who purchases a product through where we can verify that they are a legit buyer and a person with a real name will be awarded with the Review Giant Verified Buyer Review Seal.
We also prohibit reviewers from submitting more than one review on any given product. In addition if we discover that a bogus review has been submitted for a given product we will from that point on limit reviews for that product to one per IP address. Each review submitted to is screened by a moderator to ensure quality. If deemed unsuitable it will be rejected and the reviewer asked to consider resubmitting a more polished version. strongly believes in freedom of speech and strives to protect the rights of privacy and freedom of speech of our reviewers. However we do have a set of guidelines for editing or deleting a review to prevent any violation of the rights to privacy of ClickBank and other merchants; personal attacks of any kind will never appear in our reviews. These guidelines are very narrowly defined and most reviews appear exactly as submitted. We will never delete or edit a review simply because it contains negative comments!

We do appreciate that ClickBank and other merchants may feel strongly in some cases that a review casts them in a factually incorrect light. Because of this possibility, and because a merchant should have the right to clarify any misrepresentation of fact (as opposed to pure opinion) we allow merchants to respond to a critical review (although we do not encourage it). Has More Information On Each Reviewed Product

When a reviewer submits to they provide more than just their thoughts on whatever strikes them most about a merchant offering. They are also required to provide an assessment of several key factors that determine the likelihood that a potential future customer will find the offering meets with their expectations. In other words, they will have a much better idea of whether or not they are likely to think they have wasted their money. These factors, which are rated on a scale of 1 to 5, are Ease of Use, Effectiveness, Quality of Content and Value For Money. Profiles Its Reviewers

We do more than simply verify the identity of our reviewers. We provide them with a Reviewer Profile page which allows them to tell you about themselves. Moreover, if you find you trust a particular reviewer, you can easily pull up all reviews written by that reviewer and find out which items they have deemed worthy of a review. We also record whether or not readers of our reviews find the reviews helpful or not, and rank our reviewers based on the results, so that you will be able to locate the best reviewers and read all their reviews by going to their Reviewer Profile page. Lists The Top Three Merchants lists the top merchants in the ClickBank catalog as well as other independent top merchants outside of ClickBank to make up top three merchants for a specific market. At every merchant that is reviewed and displayed on the site was chosen as the best available in a digital information product, therefore providing the best quality, support etc. then has an expert reviewer of every market conduct their review of the top three products for that market. And it doesn’t stop there, then gives its readers and product buyers the power to decide which is the best of the top three products for a given market with the people’s independent reviews and ratings.

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